The Colour Copier Repairman: How I Met a New Friend in Sydney

I’m an IT tech who loves mixing business with travels and just a few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited by a friend/business associate to Sydney. During my first 3 days in Sydney, my friend needed help fixing the computer hardware in the office. However, for some odd reason, I was stumped when I have to inspect his colour copiers.

panaquip1My friend began his business a couple of years before and because of wrong management, a lot of his equipment malfunctioned. While there are a lot of skilled technicians in Sydney, he wanted me – his friend – to work on it.

I was able to fix and do maintenance jobs on several of his computers and printers. However, and as I mentioned earlier, it was so hard for me to figure out the problem with the copiers. And two of those were Fuji Xerox Printers even – something which I completely have no idea about or say, not my brand.

After discussing the issue I have with my business associate, we decided that it’s time to call on someone who might know more about this than I did. He was worried about the extra cost but I assured him that it was a much-needed expense.

We asked around, looking through the yellow pages for Sydney technicians offering repairs of colour copiers. We checked online as well, because we knew that there were a lot of these businesses on the internet as well.

We didn’t have to search long, thank goodness, because the first technician we called came immediately – less than 30 minutes after we phoned him.

After the usual niceties, the repairman went and checked the copiers straightaway. He wasn’t the sort who wasted time so in just a few minutes, he found the problem that gave me such a huge headache.

Someone in my friend’s staff probably placed the wrong toner, he explained, and probably didn’t own up to it. That was the root cause of the problem. But he added also that the equipment didn’t really get maintained, as it should have been.

Because he did printer repairs too, he also checked the similar equipment and found a few that were close to malfunctioning.

The best thing about this technician was that he charged us fairly. It was amazing, really. I wouldn’t have had to haggle with him the price of the repair because he gave us a good cost for it all.

Being an IT technician myself, I am impressed. And for me, this colour copiers’ specialist is my new friend.

Printers and photocopiers need maintenance check once in a while, but when you need a repair man immediately, consult

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