The Changing Faces Of Information Technology

The world of information technology is like the shifting sands. Indeed, what is fashionable today can be rendered squarely obsolete tomorrow by a more efficient invention. Due to the huge interest in this field, there are many organizations constituted with the sole purpose of providing the latest information technology updates. As it were, the trends number in their hundreds, perhaps thousands, but here are some of the latest IT trends you need to know.IT

Digital Leadership

We may have been used to titles like CEO,MD, CAO et cetera, but the new title that is rocking the world of business is CDO. A CDO or Chief Digital Officer is a new job title created as a result of digital revolution. The title refers to an expert in the corporate world who is in tune with technologies that provides short cycle times for rapid growth and market analytics. This officer needs to understand mobile and front-office operations that encourage customer engagement and collaboration, and modernize these systems to enhance efficiency while still maintaining corporate stability.

”Outside-in” Accelerates 

This IT trend is inspired by the notion that for your enterprise to thrive, you need to respond to changes that affect it from outside. To respond to these changes, a mindset shift is required from the inside-out approach of enterprise management to the outside-in approach. This trend is the only sure way of leveraging your innovation and technology outside the enterprise, from cloud, to cocreation to BYOT and more.

Industrial Ecosystems Emerge

A few years back, industrial supply chains were more focused on the products other than the outcomes. With the growth of IT, this model was rendered obsolete as many industrial experts realized it was a liability. The ecosystems trend has therefore ensured an improvement of established industrial ecosystems by bringing in the power of software, the speed and scale of the internet as well as nimble business models.As a result, incumbent companies have had to shift their business practices and think in terms of ecosystems in order to compete efficiently.

The 3rd platform

Computers emerged with the large and less efficient mainframe versions before we moved to the more efficient client/server systems. We have however had to evolve again to the 3rd platform. This platform facilitates the relationship between mobile computing, cloud computing, social media and analytics.


It is worth noting that the latest IT trends inspire revolutions both on the social as well as corporate fronts. Therefore, both social and corporate leaders should always have their ears on the ground in order to get the latest information technology updates.

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