Significant Trends in IT and Related Effect on Economy

Since the time of creation of this planet, several organisms have taken birth and of them humans are considered to be the wisest. It is because of the fact that humans are gifted with the power of thinking. It is the humans who invented fire and wheels for locomotion. They sorted out way for growing food and rearing animals for live stock. It is them who dragged out the concept of science towards every happening in this universe. Technology is the birth child of humans that has been undergoing irresistible changes and modifications in the course of time. Information technology is the latest boon for human civilization that has simplified and advanced their life at a time. Let us check out some of the latest trends of IT and get inspired!information_technology


Since the days of invention of telephone and wired communication principles, the foundation stone of IT has been laid. Starting from that primitive and nascent stage till now, technology has undergone sea changes in several forms as per the necessity of humans. The phase of Information technology has been turned to a new direction with the invention of computers and network protocols. It has enabled easy execution of tasks in the shortest possible period that earlier used to take long time. The current IT trends can be witnessed in terms of wireless communication through internet and mobile phones. It has changed the way of working for people and has resulted in prompt execution of tasks.

Further mobile phones are getting obsolete with the invention of smart phones. Earlier every office work used to happen only through pen and paper. Now computers have made it possible to keep records in memory and thus have reduced the burden of redundancy jobs to a great extent. Further, with the invention of internet and corresponding protocols no work is left incomplete which earlier used to remain pending due to location and time constraint. It has enabled online transfer of information to the intended destination. As a result of which both time and money is saved to a great extent.


Change is essential for development as otherwise all will remain just stagnant and development of society will be hampered. In IT the latest trends are considered as solution for problems encountered earlier in workplace. Computers have made work easy but the location constraint is not solved in total. Viewing the scenario cloud computing services have emerged that allow sharing of real time data for places where it is quite impossible for people to reach easily and in time. Hence, IT is a vital change for advancement of a country’s economy at large.

Irrespective of understanding the importance of Information Technology in workplace there are many firms that still remain stubborn towards following the old paper based work. With the aid of technology many firms located across the globe have successfully increased their scale of operations and the corresponding return on investment. Hence in such a scenario there is increased competition in both domestic as well as international markets. In such a scenario switching over to the latest trends in IT is the only way left for survival in this cut throat competition era.

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