Setup Preparations in Getting a Car Show Slot for Your Modified Everyday Car

Following the general trend in setting-up and car construction to get your everyday car featured in a car show will have you make a better use of the car’s best assets. We are currently seeing setups focusing on what is cat back system and its benefits on everyday car. The so-called cat back is the most common aftermarket exhaust system that makes modification a little affordable and easier. On the other hand, dirt racing car modifiers are successfully designing and running setups with the four tires that are generally in contact with track surface and doing more balanced dynamics to get the speed and the performance that car show attendees love to see. But it’s not only the speed, the aesthetics and the performance that get your car  featured in a car show as there are a lot you can do to give your car a better chance.

Exhaust system setup

You can substitute your stock of factory muffler and exhaust pipe arrangement with an aftermarket cat back system. Those who still  don’t understand what is a cat back system will be amazed to know that moving up to  powerful performance exhaust gives real advantage. A change gives nice growls and your everyday car won’t sound like a truck, and the difference in acceleration will surely help in landing a ticket in any car show you’ll be joining. In addition, it’s easy to install either by you or by your muffler shop.

Chassis setup

subaruA setup on chassis height, weight and angles caused your car to gain better performance on dives, rolls and turns. You might not have the feel of the gains of what is a cat back exhaust system but experimenting with chassis and suspension will offer more bite on the racing tracks.  The result of being able to keep the car “perform” extraordinarily is a good motivation. The availability of performance parts online  helps getting the parts needed in a chassis set up prep for your intended car show.

Performance parts setup

The trend in modifying is reduced weight and a modified everyday car setup for reduced weight gets welcoming arms from most car shows. Many modelling teams work hard to assume the reduced weight for speed and performance using STI performance parts that delivers well during tight and wacky conditions. However, some are only possible with certain makes and models.

Every car show has its rules and specifications. Following strictly while offering a few tricks and twists and some crazy added things is a sure bet in getting a participating ticket.

If you think your everyday car cannot be modified for greater performance, think again. Car parts for modification are available in just one click away, visit

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