Safe Not Sorry: Great Protection for Everyone

There’s no discounting the fact that health is one of the top priorities of every individual. Seeking medical check-ups and undergoing tests at laboratory and diagnostic imaging centres are part of ensuring a person has a clean bill of health. But, because the machines used for these imaging services emit a substantial amount of radiation, the doors and walls of the centre should be coated with lead products in Sydney.lead_construction2

If you are a business owner of a laboratory and diagnostic imaging center, your safety, as well as the safety of your clients, should be a key concern. Using lead products in Sydney will not only safeguard your customers, they will also guarantee the well-being and safety of the valuable people who work at your company

Lead Doors/Walls vs. Regular Doors/Walls

The pros and cons of fitting your doors and walls with added protection are plenty. One of them is that lead product in Sydney greatly minimise the risk of exposure to radiation. As a material, lead possesses a high density that makes it one of the more effective shields against radiation. The addition of lead sheets in the doors and walls of your medical imaging laboratory can serve as a crucial and protective barrier especially for people who are undergoing a variety of medical imaging tests, including X-ray imaging, CT Scans, Nuclear Imaging or PET Scans which emit radiation that can be absorbed by the body.

Because lead is also very soft and malleable, it can easily be mixed and alloyed with other stronger materials, and therefore used to reinforce doors, floors, ceilings, and walls. Apart from greatly reducing radiation exposure, it is also considered an excellent component for sound-proofing a room. It can similarly be used for isolating valuable equipment from mechanical vibrations and other similar disturbances, which may affect the machines’ diagnostic efficiency and/or accuracy.

Another reason why lead is normally used for digital imaging laboratories or chemical laboratories is that it has anti-corrosive properties, which makes it resistant to other harmful chemicals. Lead doors in Sydney does not only serve to protect customers, radiology technicians and professionals, it can also work as a protective screen for those who are waiting outside or doing their work in other rooms.

Furthermore, lead can also be used to reinforce windows, especially those that are found where digital imaging machines are located. By undertaking these precautionary steps, you are not only safeguarding the wellness of your clients and employees, you are also ensuring the safety of the people outside your business or building.

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