Redesigning Mezzanine Floors to Serve Australia’s Other Useful Purposes

In almost every other fully industrialized nation all over the world, the one thing that is severely limited is space. While human ingenuity and technological innovations are things that are readily abundant, unfortunately the same cannot be said of space. In Australia, as well as in other parts of the globe, more and more businesses, establishments, and institutions are redesigning and turning their mezzanine floors to fit other uses. Be it as a fully functional multipurpose room or a storage space, these sections of a building infrastructure are increasingly filling in Australia’s growing need for space.

mha_3Some restaurants and several dining establishments have used their mezzanine as an important storage facility for some of their inventory. By purposely retrofitting the mezzanine with load skates and other moving systems, ingredients and other cooking essentials are conveniently stored and managed. Raw materials are easily stored and then accessed just prior to use.

The libraries of educational institutions have also made full use of the otherwise empty space of their mezzanine. Whereas in other institutions mezzanines are sometimes designated as reading areas, some educational institutions use their mezzanine floors to place their reserve book collection as well as other seldom or rarely used library resources. These institutions have utilized a variety of storage and shelving solutions to make full use of the cramped space of their mezzanine. One of the solutions being used by several institutions is the Compactus system. This allows the organized shelving of the books while at the same time giving them the protection they need.

The industrial sector, particularly those in manufacturing are seriously redesigning and renovating their mezzanine to serve other purposes. While a few industries have turned their mezzanine as an extension of the work area, several have found it to be particularly useful in the placement of chemical storage cabinets where it can be safely monitored. Its distance from the workers in the production area is deemed to greatly reduce exposure to noxious gases should there be a chemical reaction that will occur.

Government offices and other agencies as well as institutions are turning their mezzanine into storage areas for their files. Using unique shelving and file organization systems, these offices and institutions are able to make full use of the ample space provided by mezzanine floors in the management of their documents and/or files.

While space may be a prime commodity in almost every other nation in the face of the Earth, Australians are employing their resourcefulness and ingenuity in turning their mezzanine into something very useful.

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