Ready to Sail? Ask Yourself if You’re Meant for a Marine Job

Since the earliest days of history, man has always been fascinated with the ocean. There are sailors and travelers who traveled the seven seas in order to explore other lands or expand their territory. In modern days, working as a marine crew is still very much in man’s fantasies. Call it a siren song or the call of the sea, there is something mystical about working in a ship, a sea vessel – big or small – and experiencing different kinds of adventures. It is not simply because the pay is great, but some people really view it as constantly being on a trip and continuously exploring different parts of the world.

marine_crewThere are different kinds of work needed on board a ship and all of these are collectively called as marine crew. It can be as basic as helping passengers carry their luggage on board a luxury vehicle, or being a dock hand, engineer, or even the Captain.  This kind of work is in essence similar to those on land. However, the tough part is that you spend your months at sea and you don’t get to go home to see your family at the end of the day. This can be really challenging and painful to some people, and this is why the biggest challenge among marine crew jobs is still dealing with the loneliness. Home sickness is one of the reasons why personnel quit and it is also responsible for the high turnover rate of staff.

Nevertheless, if you can handle being separated from your family from months at a time, this kind of profession can really be lucrative. There are attractive bonuses and packages to those who stay with their companies or employers for a long time. To those who survive this seemingly daunting ordeal, the financial benefits outweigh the disadvantages. The professional crew is able to save up faster, invest on homes and other properties, or set up his own business in just a few years time.

Additionally, vacations are also lengthy and luxurious. Some companies allow the family members of theirmarine crew to go on board the ship for a few weeks in order for them to spend quality time together. On the other hand, the staff can stay on vacation for weeks at a time – sometimes a full two months after spending some six months on sea.

As mentioned earlier, it takes a special kind of toughness to work at sea. But, should you decide to get a job there, it will undoubtedly prove to be a very lucrative one.

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