Radio Towers and Communication

Communication is a very important aspect in everyone’s life. Without it, nothing is probably possible. In large-scale jobs, the aid of communication commensurate success. Radio towers and relocatable masts are basically tall structures that support the antennas used for communication. Although they are often used interchangeably, they are two different things.

Radio towers are self-supporting while relocatable masts are held up onto some structure. The tower is the antenna structure in itself while the mast is attached either to a radio tower, a vehicle, or a building. The difference is basically on the structure and on how they are engineered. There are, however, borderline designs that may either be called a tower or a mast. That’s because they are partly attached to guy wires and are partly built free-standing.

Relocatable masts are often used because it is less expensive. The only downside is, it requires an extended surrounding to accommodate the wires while radio towers stand on its own and uses limited land areas.

Where they are useful

communicationtowersThe tall towers that help make communication possible are not only useful in the world of telecommunication and broadcasting. There are many large-scale projects that seek the usefulness of communication in getting jobs done. One good example is the mining industry.

Radio towers generally fill the communication gap in remote mining sites so safe and secure operation is guaranteed. Through the help of mine site communications and the technology of portable towers, efficient communication is provided.

However, there is no absolute design that meets the requirements of every mining company. The engineering design of portable towers is developed according to specific needs of the company. Other varying factors include the number of users, the mining site, and the type of communication technology required among others.

Before one avails of a communication tower, it is important that there are set goals to be met. The objectives for building the skid mounted towers must be established clearly, so your provider will have the best understanding of what exactly you need in your job site.

Do you need a radio repeater? Or a cellular repeater? It will all depend how remote your mining site is. If there are no cellular coverage available or if what is available will not suffice consistent coverage, a two-way radio repeater is highly advisable. Radio repeaters provide coverage within a 50-kilometre radius and are very much reliable, especially for mining site locations.

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