How to Tell All About Your Wedding Through Facebook

There is no doubt about it: it’s the selfie era and you can see this oh-so well even in events like weddings when guests are supposed to be focused on just the bride and the groom. But don’t worry because there is an advantage to this. This is a great way to tell everyone (even those not invited) about the goings-on in your event through wedding blogs and other social media platforms.

Young wedding coupleThe question now is how exactly are you going to do this effectively? Well, here are some tips on how you can promote your wedding before and how you can tell all about it after.

Make a dedicated website for your wedding

This may seem too much but, with so many blog spots offered for free these days, you can easily create a website for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Instead of sending out invitations (which may take forever to be answered), you can invite people through their e-mails. As soon as they RSVP, they will be directed to your wedding blogs Australia!

Your site should have all the information about your grand day, including important dates and venues. You can list down the names of those in your entourage and add their photos there as well. You can even show illustrations of the dress code.

Link these to your social media pages

Practically everyone has Facebook and Twitter these days so it would be easier for you to look for people you want to invite. But wait! There are so many more advantages to doing linking your wedding blogs to social media.

Instead of hiring photographers who, most of the time, charge pretty high, you could just let your friends to take snapshots of the event. Because it is the selfie era, 90% of the people in your guest list will surely have their high-tech Androids and iPhones. And we are pretty sure that they will have loads of wedding photos.

What you need to ask them now is post it on Facebook or Twitter with a dedicated hashtag of sorts. The hashtag they used will be associated to your wedding site and ‘voila!’, you’ve got photos of your event.

Don’t just stop there, though. These nifty Androids and iPhones surely have amazing video capabilities so you can also ask your friends to take wedding videos that they will also post online. If those are raw and unedited yet (which we all doubt), then it’s up to you to finish the job.

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