Good Web Design Practices

Many web designers agree that web-designing techniques will only merit good result when good practices are applied in executing them. While web designers like web design Brisbane generally put their 100% resources into executing and scaling down web designing techniques, bad practices hinder in pulling off good results. Here are some good web designing practices that when applied makes a big impact on web pages’ design.

Using relative font sizes

website designSeasoned web designers like web design Brisbane know all common fonts to all versions of Windows and Mac equivalents used in designing web pages. Most refer this standard list as “browser safe fonts” and have it as standard reference when creating web pages. While it’s a common practice in setting fonts is using “points” (pt) or “pixel” (px), using relative font size either per-defined or using “em” has an advantage. This web designing practice allows users to shrink or resize font size of the page. This practice also allows fonts to look identical in any standard browser. With relative font size, web pages can generally adapt to user’s browsers that is the safest way for a good web page design.

Creating web page with standard and valid DOCTYPE definition

It is a good practice to include a valid DOCTYPE definition at the beginning of the HTML document. While its main purpose is validating the pages against it, it is also a good way to activate the standard compliant rendering mode in browsers like Mozilla/Firefox, Opera Browser and Internet Explorer. Omitting this standard practice or using incomplete DTD, there will be a big possibility that the standard mode won’t activate.  On the other hand, placing DOCTYPE definition at the beginning of HTML file is also a good practice as proven by seasoned web design Brisbane.

Using scenario-based approach

One big mistake of web designers is putting out their sketchbook at once and starts with a design. It may sound like a good way to start however slowing down a bit and take a scenario-based approach is more likely will lead to good web design.Web design Perth adds that when they create web pages for clients, they first establish user’s goal and then map out their way into it and build design around it.

Keeping clients happy

Web designers always want clients on their side so making them happy will allow this. Web design Adelaide has this practice of collecting elements for the web pages design together with their clients and even get them involved in initial design process.

Good web designing doesn’t only give better results but a sure way to keep web page owners happy and satisfied.

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