Comparing the Different Plans Provided by the Australian Broadband Service providers

When choosing a broad band plan in Australia, it’s advisable to compare the Broadband plan tariff based on the type of broadband plan being offered by the service provider. In Australia, the major broad band types offered by the service provider include ADSL2+, Cable, Mobile broadband and Naked Broadband. The major broadband service providers in Australia include TPG, iPrimus, Optus, Amaysim, iinet and Internode. Each and every provider has created their own package under a particular broadband type. For Australian consumers looking to get a comprehensive view of the plans provided by the various Broadband service providers, the Australian Broadband Comparison details provided below would come in extremely handy. The plan comparison is made based on a specific type of Broadband.

ADSL2+ Broadband Plans

TPG, iPrimus and Belong are the three major providers of ADSL2+ broadband plans in Australia.


TPG provides a ADSL2+ plan called the ADSL2+ 50 GB Plan. This plan comes in two variants based on the duration of the plan. One is the 18 month plan and the other is the 12 month plan. The plan comes with a data upload/download limit of 50GB for the entire month. This is an ideal plan for users who would be needing the internet access on an occasional basis. Subscribers need to pay $29.99 per month for using this Broadband plan.


iPrimus provides ADSL2+ plan in two durations in the form of 24-month plan and 12-month plan. Both the duration plan comes with 40GB data limit. The broadband cost per month works out to be $39.95.


Belong offers two ADSL2+ plans in the form of a 70 GB plan and a 250GB plan. Both the plans run for a duration of 1 month and subscribers can continue using the plan for the subsequent months by extending the contract. Subscribers have to pay $50 per month for the 50GB plan and $60 per month for getting the 250 GB plan.

Mobile Broadband Plans


It provides two mobile broadband plans in the form of 100MB 3G Plan and 100MB 4G plans. Both the plans are available for a period of 1 month and costs $5 per month.


iPrimus provides 1GB Mobile Broad plan for 24 months and 12 months. Both the plans would cost $15 per month. iPrimus also offers a 2GB Mobile broad band plan that comes with a 12-month contract. The cost of subscribing for this plan is $25 per month.


Amaysim offers prepaid 1GB mobile broadband that comes with a duration of 1 month. The plan costs $9.99 for a month.


Vodafone also offers mobile broadband plan in the form of 2.5GB plan that comes for a duration of one month and costs $20 per month.

Cable Broadband plan


Optus is the only broadband service provider that provides cable broadband to the Australian consumers. It offers three different cable plans for the subscribers in the form of 30GB cable plan, 200GB cable plan and unlimited home broadband cable plans. All these plans can either be taken for a month or for a 2 year period.

Naked DSL Plans


iPrimus provides Naked DSL starter 40GB plan that comes in 12 month duration and 24 months duration. By opting for this plan, consumers can get speeds up to 20Mbps up to 40GB of data down load. When download size increases beyond 40GM within a month speed would be 256Kbps.


TPG Provides 200GB naked DSL Broadband plans in two durations in the form of 18 months and 6 months. Subscribers can get speeds up to 20Mbps when downloading data. When the data limit exceeds 2000GB, the speed would come down to 1Mbps.


iiNet offers two naked DSL plans in the form of 100GB plan and 250GB plan. Both the plans run for a duration of 24 months. Subscribers get to download data at ADSL2+ speeds. Once the user exceeds the data download limits within a month, the speed would be 256Kbps.

By going through the Australian Broadband Comparison details provided above, Subscribers can take an informed decision and choose a plan that best fits their requirements.

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