Choosing the best internet service for your business

fiber_opticA broadband internet service can be simply described as a high-speed internet connections. Today, broadband has offered new internet services in Australia such as cable, DSL, mobile-broadband, satellite and fiber optic. A business choice of internet connection has a major impact on the business activities and employee satisfaction. This creates the need of business owners in Australia to thoroughly investigate the advantages and disadvantages of all the options available. With the recent discovery of fiber-optic internet, many people are unaware of what it exactly entail. This article weighs the pros and cons of fiber optic with commonly used cable internet to get an inner scope of the best internet broadband services for your business.


Reliability is key to every business. This brings up the question of how reliable is your internet connection? Cable internet is quite reliable. However, businesses that are in areas that experience frequent cable interruptions or outages can be negatively impacted, thus it is advisable for such business to have a backup internet option.

On the other hand, fiber optic is more reliable since it is a passive system. This makes it nearly impossible for it to be interrupted during power outages. The glass mechanism makes it immune to interferences that might be caused by power lines. All these make it really hard for computers to sustain damages due to lighting.


Cable broadband offers speed that comfortably accommodates small businesses. ISPs today offer speeds that range between 20 Mbps to 107 Mbps and upload speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 5 Mbps.

Fiber optic provides amazingly fast speeds while also allowing users to send information over very long distances. It offers an upload speed of between 65 and 100 Mbps and download speeds ranging from 150 Mbps to 500 Mbps. This allows users to share files, stream, upload and download data simultaneously without any compromise on performance.


Cable internet prices usually depend on your location. It is usually quite affordable with charges increasing with increase in speed. Fiber optic costs more than most other broadband connections but it is also a subject to how much a business uses internet and speed.

After looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of various internet connections, you will then be in a better position of choosing the connection that will be most suitable for you. Fiber optic internet connection is undeniably very fast but before its employment, you should look at various factors like the ones explained above. Conclusively, with so many companies offering new internet services in Australia, always remember to thoroughly go through the terms of contracts before making any subscriptions.

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