Australia’s Broadband and the Digital Economy

Digital goods and services are constantly booming and what causes this productivity is the utilization of technology in the digital economy. The efficiency of this output is brought about by key major key factors such as faster broadband connection, upgraded powerful devices, and access to unlimited storage and computing. The connectivity of global networks also adds to this productivity.

NICTA or National Information and Communications Technology Australia Ltd is Australia’s ICT Research Center of Excellence. NICTA came up with latest developments applying technology in economic and commercial systems and lifestyle improvement in Australia. All these are made possible through the help of the Broadband and Digital Economy (BaDE) team and reinforcement by the National Broadband Network.

These initiatives can be witnessed at the Digital Productivity Showcase which exhibits NICTA’s research in networking and mobile applications, data management, e-business, e-government and cloud computing. Innovations in these systems shall encourage new markets and enhance the delivery of industry and government services.

Below are major projects as sponsored by NICTA:

Business Adaptation and Interoperation

This project is concentrated on cloud, vocabulary management and enterprise architectures, which aims to make organizations work effectively in both technical and business levels.


The ePASA is geared towards the modeling and stimulation of enterprise systems for large-scale organizations such as major government departments and financial institutions.

Distributed Game Platform

This project is focused on the improvement of online gaming platforms that will enable profitability in the industry. The utilization of complex applications and decentralized techniques shall be integrated in this system. The Distributed Game Platform was introduced in May 2012 and it is still innovating up to the present era.

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